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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not Perfect, But Pretty Darn Close.

David has been on LI most of the week, he's been helping his brother fix up the rental house he owns, so me and the Posse have been on our own. Thank Goodness for the petsitter so I don't have to mad dash it home - I have been managing. Work's been super busy, we're starting to pick up steam big time, By next week everyone's dance cards will be full - I'm starting to have to chase THEM around instead of the other way around! So today I was looking forward to laying around in bed but I forgot to set the coffee pot for later. The coffee brewing doesn't wake me up but Pearl knows when she hears it perking it's time to go OUT so I had to take the whiney bag out at the usual time. Today was my weigh in day for Weight Watchers, I'm now down to 147 - I haven't been able to do that in quite awhile, the diet's not too hard to stick to but I did celebrate with a Whoopie Pie I bought at Wegmans, but I had more than enough points left over for that. Love a Whoopie Pie, who doesn't! I went to replace the ink in the Dell printer and discovered David had bought the wrong one. So I made a stop at Staples and got my $27 refunded - they didn't have another one so I thought I would just see if maybe Best Buy would have one. I didn't expect them to - but believe it or not the ONLY one they had was the one I needed and it was on clearance for $8 - so I bought 4. I got everything I wanted on sale today, the supermarket had everything, gas is down. I spent the rest of the day quietly reading in the yard, under the deck when it got too hot and sunny. We love under the deck - I've dragged a few old deck chairs there and the cats occupy them, there's a ladder on it's side that I use as a coffee table and Pearl is content to lay in the grass and chew sticks. It overlooks the propane tanks and the underside of the stairs but we like it and that's what counts. So today with the exception of a few minor blips has been pretty good. David is due back tomorrow, we will be glad to see him.

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