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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain. How Novel.

It started raining before we even got up this morning - this has got to be the wettest, dreariest coldest summer ever. There have even been a few mornings that we've turned on the heat - it will be fall before you know it. Work was a bit busy, what else is new - but my office set it's first billing record which is super sweet, isn't it? I met my new co-worker today too, on Tuesday I drive to the main office to drop off paperwork, discuss anything new that comes up and go over the schedule with the main office. My co-worker is being trained up there, I'll be glad when there's another body in the office though. It's not too bad - peds comes over to say hi and I get invited to any shindigs they're having. The phone calls are all forwarded to the main office as I can only wear so many hats. AND what I love is Knit and Pearls is right on the way to the turnpike so every Tuesday I get to stop in and what's good. You may do a little, quiet "hoo hoo" right here along with me. We had a very nice weekend with Ray, quiet but that's OK once in awhile.  He is now looking for a photo deck and has been lurking around the computer section so who knows - Ray may very well run into the 20th century head on.

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