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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Feet Are Up, All Of You Be Quiet

I haven't been blogging a whole lot - just a lack of time I guess. Work is really starting to pick up, it's getting harder and harder to keep things under control but I'm managing so far. We have picked up more patients this week than we ever had before and thank goodness the nurses are rolling right along. We got another patient today so I spent a lot of time on the phone getting that set up but it's done (at least I hope it is....) We're going to be starting meetings soon and that I'm really excited about because it means we've gotten big enough to HAVE meetings!! I'm of course working on the shawl, the pattern I'm doing is fairly easy but interesting and can be picked up and put down without losing count. My diet is moving along, I've been losing about 3 pounds a week, so it's 6 pounds so far which isn't bad. Ray is out this weekend so I have to figure out what I can eat in a restaurant (a wee little selection) as opposed to what I cannot (most of the menu) - however, being a card carrying vegetarian I'm used to that it just makes it more difficult for everyone around me. Not only am I a vegetarian, but I'm a vegetarian on a diet - you try to feed me! We went out to Milford today to an art show and I got to stop in Jilldeal fine yarns - I got a skein of Australian sock yarn which is already wound and ready to rock.  We ate at a small place called Muggs - the food was really good and there was actually a lot on the menu I could have, We're back home now and everyone is just relaxing, my favorite activity.

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