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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting - NOT

That knitting book stinks big time! I threw in the towel last night.  I had   printed out the corrections - they were either incomprehensible or still didn't work - don't know, don't care. The whole business is frogged - I knit to relax, not to add stress. I have a different pattern ready to go, the yarn is too busy for anything super complicated and this is a perfect design - except of course I don't own one pair of size 10 DPNs, what else is new. So today I stopped in at Knit and Pearls
and they were having a 35 to 60% off sale - who's your daddy now!! I got two great skeins of wool/mohair 100 yards and $6 apiece (marked down from $15) and even the DPNs were on sale so I was Whoo-Hooing my way down to Pittston.  In other news I did join Weight Watchers Online, totally thrilled with it. No, I am not very overweight, actually according to the weight charts I fall in the parameters - but my weight has been drifting up over the past year and this job is not helping. I had gained weight back and was back at 150 (that's my usual weight for the past 15, 20 years or so)but I got on the scale and it read 154 - I like me best at about 140, 145 - that's the weight I don't have to fight and my clothes fit. That is also the weight my last two physicians picked, I am not a wee little person despite what I would like.  So I saw they were having a promotional on the website and figured if I don't like it after a few months I can cancel it. It's actually pretty cool - you do everything by points and you can still eat your own recipes - they have a Recipe Builder and you just put all the ingredients in - you can tweak it so it fits in your daily allowance. I've lost a pound so far so I'll keep you posted. 

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