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Friday, July 10, 2009

End Of The Week.

I have to stop watching Ripley's Believe It Or Not in the morning - it's an entire hour of people acting stupid, yet it stops me in my tracks repeatedly. I'm trying to get dressed and the TV set cheerily shrieks "this man was born with BACKWARDS KNEES and has never walked upright!". I'm brushing my teeth and leaning to see because "This woman went shopping WITH A TWELVE INCH SERRATED KNIFE IN HER NECK and she didn't even know it!" and we don't even want to talk about the man who Makes Thousands by vomiting paint on canvases.... who can resist? Work was fun this afternoon, Robert and Case are getting married in a couple of weeks so they were throwing an engagement party and I got an invite. I did have cake but worked it into my Weight Watchers plan so it was ok. It was a super cool cake - it looked like a tiny little wedding cake and they did manage to surprise Robert(Case hid in my office).  David and I are heading for an overnight stay on LI in the am, Amy's crew is turning 1 and 3 so we're making a short trip there and back. Of course my leg decided it would be fun to look Worse This Morning so I decided to find somewhere to have it looked at. They have a walk in the supermarket. Yes they do. My leg is infected and I have a sweet case of cellulitis, nothing to write home about and nothing a short course of antibiotics can't cure. The wait was awful, but I survived. No it really was, I was there waiting for a hour or so - but it's the only game in town so what can you do? Pearl is incarcerated - David dropped her off at 4 and then he got new tires for the truck. Whoo hoo living large.  We are a bit short on visits at work but its alright, every agency I've ever worked for hits a lull here and there and it was nice to have a little breathing room. For now.

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Donna said...

I love those walk-in clinics! Cellulitis sounds painful.

I wish I could get on the diet bandwagon. Seems a lot of bloggers are planning on shaping up and losing weight, lately.