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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4rth Of July (weekend!!)

Yesterday was great - the weather was sunny but cool and we got an early start. Here there is plenty of holiday traffic on the weekends - not as bad as the Hamptons, but it can get busy. We did a ton of grocery shopping, we haven't really been in 3 or 4 weeks - with our schedules we've been doing it all at once every couple of weeks. We went to AC Moores, Borders, Sam's, Wegmans and Gander Mountain. Our bank account is looking good, the house is no longer sucking the life out of our finances and with both of us on the payroll these days we are back on solid ground. Friday at work things FINALLY calmed  down  - this week was much better with the staff back and my boss had designated a staff member from the other office to help me out with the referrals and scheduling. During the week it got better and by Friday I was able to go through all the papers left behind by the person that left and finish organizing. I work closely with our home office via phones and email so it's not like I've been left to drown - Bayada actually practices what they preach which is everyone works together - this experience was not a bad one  by any stretch of the imagination. It was scary and stressful at times but I have a better view of what needs to be done and better yet, I CAN do it if need be. Anyhoo, for the rest of yesterday David and I just watched TV, played in the yard and I started the second part of the shawl which will be completely frogged this morning, that's right it gets ripped out and restarted. Because I was using the shawl pattern out of Faith, Hope, Love and Knitting  - when I started the first row I thought it looked, well, not quite right. By the 3rd row I realized there must've been a major error in the directions because there was no way it would ever add up correctly or even be workable. This morning I found the author's website in which the corrected directions (delete the first FOURTEEN ROWS to start!!) were available to print out. At least I didn't get that far. There wasn't much in the way of fireworks last night, the farm down the road had some which were fun to watch - Pearl and Vincent didn't like them at all and insisted on gluing themselves to me in bed making it a little difficult to sleep. But they stopped before ten and then everyone slept well - I think I'll be ready for work on Monday. 

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