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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain Again. How Unusual Is That.

Things have finally slowed a bit a work, since I am no longer performing all functions it makes life a little easier. We got a medical director yesterday, the new nurse is doing a few visits on her own and the paperwork is all in and caught up. And I got a bonus. AND a raise! Not bad for being there not quite 4 months, is it? I was pretty surprised (still am) but it's nice to work for a company that rewards your hard work, isn't it? If I wasn't a Bayada Girl before, I certainly am now! I also got half a day off yesterday too - due to all the work I've been putting plenty of things off  and just needed a few hours to catch up. I got my hair cut again - its very short now. Maybe a wee little bit too short - but that's alright, I asked for it and it will grow back. I hope. I got home early after running all my errands and hung out in the yard with a cup of coffee and magazine. My shawl is coming along nicely, I have ten rows left for the base part and then can start on the actual lacework. We have nothing (hopefully) going on for the 4rth, after the past 3 weeks I just want to sleep and hide - that will be a celebration for me!

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