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Sunday, July 12, 2009


David dropped Miss Pants at the local Dog Prison on Friday so we could leave right off on Saturday. Which we did.  We hit no traffic at that early hour and made it to my mom's by 10 am, early enough for David to dump me off and head off to see his parents before going to Amy and Jim's We arrived at the party on time, the birthday boys were so cute! But it's hard to be anything else when you're one and three.  I admired them from across the table - babies are not overly fond of me, well, that isn't always true. In WV I took care of plenty of babies, but most of them had feeding  tubes, permanent IV accesses into their chests, ostomies, etc - but I find it hard to meet babies with a lot of people around. They tend to be overly stimulated before I get there and can very rarely handle yet another stranger, so I wave at them  and we're all pretty happy with the arrangement. Janet and Diane arrived late due to terrible traffic, the same EXACT traffic we hit on the way home - just for the record I am a Terrible Passenger, especially in traffic in which I will sigh, kick the seats, slump, demand that the driver get out and find out what the hell is going on up there, etc.... ah yes, a joyous experience for all. Anyhoo, the party was great, I managed not to over do it and kept on my diet. The nice thing about Weight Watchers is you can save up and have cake once in awhile - or go to a party. Matthew and his brother Alex spent most of their free time horsing down Goldfish so I'm thinking they are not on Weight Watchers.  I saw Mom and Fred in the morning, David picked me up around 10:30 and off we went. Or so we thought until we hit 4 miles before the Throgs Neck Bridge and there we sat for about 2 hours. We didn't get home until 4:30 so there went most of the day. The only good thing is I got quite a jump on the shawl I'm knitting.  I finally got it started on the way to LI - starting a shawl is a massive pain - you use size 10 double point needles and it's 2 stitches to a needle, then you start increasing. If you knit you KNOW what I'm talking about, if you don't suffice to say it's terribly awkward and you end up starting it about 900 times.  But when you're sitting in the truck with nothing better to do it's easier to concentrate and get it going. I did most of the knitting on the way back home since I HOURS to waste - during this time I handled a few calls from work and called and set up the dog sitter for next week. In other news my leg is looking WAY better - the antibiotics are really doing the job, that big lump is just about gone and my leg is a Pinkie color, not an Amazing Red anymore which is a relief. I have no time to be sick as work is on Monday and I have to say, it's so nice to have a job again that I WANT to go!!

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