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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 567 - I am Still Sick.

The flu is one of the stinkiest things to get - at least if you get one of those 24 hour jobs you get sick - and then you're done. Finished. After a fun filled weekend running fevers and hacking, then my head stuffed up. Then it drained - if you could sell snot I would be a millionaire. THEN it went into my chest and now I'm losing my voice. I guess I've gotten a lot of bang for my buck. Work has been busy, but interesting. I got my associate back part time and am getting another one, I'm scouting for a full time RN, always looking for therapists, having a mock audit in December, conference in Mt Laurel NJ next week, Disneyland - courtesy of Bayada!! - in March, staff meetings are now once a week, running running. We got more presents from Bayada today for another billing record - now I have to get the staff under control. Oh, and I started the heel on the sock which I LOVE the color which is either Hot Peppers or Chili Peppers - I can't remember which la la la. The temps are starting to get sneaky cold - I go to work in a sweater and freeze my way home until the heat comes on - Vincent goes out long enough in the morning to see if there's anything worth killing and then spends the rest of his day snoring away on the bench with the little afghan on it. The Cat Pee House is coming right along, David had a hard and not so productive day today - he's getting down to the details and you know how that goes -it's always the little things that will get you.

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