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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Short Road Home

At this point I live to go to bed - we are so busy! I'm getting used to the much shorter drive to work, I leave at 7:30 and I'm home before 6 which is a treat - staying late isn't as anxiety producing since I know home is now only 20 minutes away. The deer continue to be pesty creatures, no wonder people are so interested in shooting them. You should see the stupid things, alway peering at you with those big wet eyes, I'm sure they smell. When you go outside they dork about the bushes like you're not supposed to see them THEN they come bursting out like you were doing something and run willy nilly like a bunch of morons - I mean why are they in my yard in the first place?? If they're so afraid they should stay the hell in the woods and quit bothering me. Ha - you've discovered my true nature - I'm a vegetarian because I hate animals. David is planning on starting in on the tile this weekend, he cleaned the stonefire place today and got all that black soot off the front of it. We continue to unpack, it takes so long to find a place for everything. I'm hoping David puts the shelves up in the living room so I can unpack my books soon - I hate having them packed away again.

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