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Monday, November 16, 2009

Things You Should Know Before You Visit

The baseboard heater in the wee little bathroom works. BUT after about 5 minutes the smell of Hot Pee starts wafting through the air, it is not the most pleasant of amenities.

We have discovered our hot water heater is on a timer - and we don't know how to turn it off. It looks like a big clock looming over the heater and every night at 7 pm it turns off the hot water and refuses to turn it back on until about 5 or 6 am. David I think can bypass it temporarily but can't get it to just cut it out. Bastards.

This place is lousy with deer. They spend all of their freaking spare time skulking around my yard, spying over the fence and hiding in the bushes. I have no idea what their agenda is. They have a forest, they need to play in it.

The cats can be amazingly pesty if you make them stay in the house all the time so the bears won't eat them.

Just when you think you've put everything away, another bin appears. And just when you get it all put away - you can't remember where you put it. It is like a wave of flotsom ebbing and flowing at all times.

You should never throw away the remote that comes with the TV, even if you get satallite TV because you never know when you might move and get cable. We've found 5 remotes and only ONE of them actually works something. The other ones just sort of blink fruitlessly and pretend to do stuff.

You should try to store all your cans in one place because when you move you'll discover so many cans of green beans you'll begin to doubt your sanity.

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