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Sunday, November 15, 2009

If You Want To Know About Your House......

..... ask the neighbors. Our neighbor Pat was over today to say hello and was able to shed some light on the origins of the Cat Pee House. It was never rented - instead it had been built by a couple as their retirement home. Pat knew of them, but didn't really know them. We knew they were amateur animal rescuers from the people that work at the community house, but they had said they only had dogs. According to Pat they actually had around 7 inside cats. When he met them they were very elderly and and soon after the husband passed away. The wife had difficulty maintaining the home, the well eventually dried up and she was down to using a small kerosene heater for heat with no running water, Pat said she was living rough when she finally ended up losing the house. The new well was put in by Fannie Mae and despite that, the house sat empty for almost two years. It's sad how that happens still, even with a country with so much money. So that is the story of the Cat Pee House. We're still moving along, the phone will be in tomorrow hopefully, our cell phones get a very stinky signal out here in the boondocks and as soon as we have time to breath we have to get a new company as Sprint doesn't have any towers in this area. We've spoken to them already and as soon as we get our first utility bill we can end our contract without any penalties. We have cable and Internet and a bed now, last night was awful. We slept on the floor on the guest room mattress which is a full size, not a problem unless you have a house full of stressed out pets that want to sleep with you. I woke up around midnight with Vincent pinning my feet to the bed so I gave him a little push not realizing how deeply asleep he was - he rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a very loud KLUNK - he was fine ( a bit embarrassed I think) but we must've laughed for half an hour. Good think for him the mattress was on the floor. We made another trip back to the house today and then I think one more time for the rest of the stuff and we're in like Flynn for the winter.

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Donna said...

At least you know now why it's "the cat-pee house".