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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I had a little trouble getting started today - the task of moving is overwhelming at best. The good thing is we're not moving far this time, the bad this is we're not moving far so I'm not taking any time off. But once we got up and packing, you just keep doing it - we made two trips today so the only things left are the living room furniture, most of the exercise equipment and General Flotsam. Pearl rides in the truck of course quite often so moving her was not a problem, the cats are a different story. Vincent goes along with what every you want, he may protest but he'll do it. Claw is a tough customer most days so David manned the door and I ran out with her howling and spitting and flung her in the car with David quickly shutting the door behind her. I jumped in and proceeded to drive 40 miles with The Howling Feline who only stopped once and that was so she could poop NEXT TO the litter box. Curse her little black heart. I have to say the aroma and the howling made the trip a bit endless, but we're here. We'll most likely spend the rest of the winter rearranging and rearranging again, we have to get rid of the art deco bedroom set and purchase a day bed at some point because the second guest room isn't that big but for now things are good. It'll be easier not having to make the 40 mile trek there and back daily and if Claw gets out of hand I can now simply rub her down with gravy and feed her to the bears. Of course over the next few weeks we'll be wondering about how we accumulated so much stuff and why, although David wonders about the yarn and why we have so much of it daily. Vincent is sitting next to me right now purring up a storm, they'll be in for the winter of course, it would break my heart to lose him. I don't worry about Claw, like a bad penny she ALWAYS turns up.

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