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Monday, November 9, 2009

I Wish I Had Gotten Out Of My Own Way.

Today was a long day, I was alone in the office and the phone rang nonstop until I turned it off at 3 and flipped it over to the home office as I was getting a little whiny. I also had a fairly interesting look going, I'm not sure if I even want to talk about this. Years ago I would despair with my younger son Jackson - he was a literary of bizarre accidents. He stepped off a bulk head and fell 8 feet playing blindman's bluff by himself, there was the throwing knife incident which required a huge amount of sewing, gouged under the eye by a miniature french bulldog ( I remember the poor owner who walked him home half in tears and me just sighing, since Jackson thought he looked super cool) on and on. He gets this from me. Yesterday Pearl brought her dumb stick to me once again. I went to throw it hard - and far - sigh. It got caught in my sleeve, swung around and the little pointy thing sticky out of the side pounded into my forehead. I can't remember anything bleeding so much, it just poured and poured. Despite my putting ice on it there is an interesting swelling right above my left eye with a nice cut. Hmm. So for today I followed the Clinton Method - Don't ask, don't tell - I took the 5th because quite honestly, the truth is a little to stupid too tell in this instance. And rather hilariously,even though I could see everyone could see it, no one was brave enough to ask.

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