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Friday, November 20, 2009

I Can Find My Own Way Home.

I drove home last night without the GPS - I really haven't needed it for the past couple of days but it's a back up sort of thing for me. The morning isn't a problem but at night it's full dark by the time I leave so I just put it on. This weekend I'm taking at least half a day - and doing nothing. We've been so busy lately, it seems like we never stop moving, the 2 AM Girl was in fine form all week, some nights starting early with me. But for the past two nights she's found other things to do and I actually got a full night's sleep which has made life a bit easier. I'm a very bad insomniac and it just leaves me unable to deal with anything. We've had all sorts of issues at work, nothing out of the ordinary but when you're tired all time it suddenly seems unmanageable. We're slowly unpacking, every time you move it seems like you own a mountain of stuff, where are you going to put it all? But over time your belongings either drift into their space or go to charity - we've learned not to give it away too fast because a little further down the road you end up needing it. Hopefully this weekend we can get out and look around, there's so much more here we haven't seen because we've been so busy. We have time though. Adam is trying to get leave for the first week in January which would be super, I hear from Jackson occasionally but he's involved in his high sea adventures - I'm glad he's loving his life. I'll post pictures tomorrow, David finished the back splash and it looks amazing! Over the winter he'll be starting work on the other floor, for now it will have to stay stuck in the 70's

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