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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I most likely would have had more fun if I didn't have to work all the time - but I do so on I go. Kim and Grace got here after having the joy of sitting in traffic - we had all forgotten that this is a get away for most of NY and NJ, especially during the winter so they had a few delays. I made the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, turkey and all - and a vegetarian version of the stuffing that got cooked by itself - I may not eat the corpse, but I certainly enjoy the trimmings!! Pearl the Hostess worked over time, even checking on the guests in the middle of the night in case they wanted something (like, to pet the dog perhaps.....) - both Kim and Grace love dogs - and Pearl loves a guest so it was a perfect match. I was back to work yesterday so they went around to the local flea market and Lowes of course, we have a copper chandelier to match the copper back splash - pictures to follow. I also had to see a patient who lives near my favorite LYS, how convenient so I picked up some more yarn. I'll eventually have it all, but I'm doing it one skein at a time. I finished one sock and have started on the other while I ponder my next project. After I got home from work we went out to dinner - we live down the road from a platoon of restaurants so it's easy to go out, we just haven't had the time lately. Kim and Grace left this morning, the weather is starting to get chilly but the sun is out and it's perfect traveling weather. The house in Lake Ariel continues to sit, we go back and forth as to what we're going to do with it. David extended the RE for a couple of months, right now we just don't have the time and hadn't considered what we would do if someone wanted to see it - it's an hour away from here and soon no one will be in the position to be running over there on a moments notice. We too are dragging a bit at renting it - the problem with that is you have to rent it for a year and once it's rented it becomes much less marketable for selling. We'll figure it out.

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