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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yarn And Shotguns, What More Can You Want.

 I finished the fish hat  so it's on to new projects this week. It came out pretty good - the shape is a little off because I had to downsize it (the original pattern is for an older child) but overall I think the person it's intended for will like it. I've been scouring the internet for a decent pumpkin hat pattern - and have come up with only one I liked (and didn't have to order and wait three weeks) - up at the Knitters Edge in Bethlehem. I looked up a gun shop for David on the same street so he would have a Fun Activity too. We also got a free trial card for Sam's Club in that area and I had a coupon for Borders. The knitting shop was packed as usual, I've never seen such a busy LYS, we actually had to look for parking! I asked for the pattern at the desk and they were giving them out for free - sweet! Of course since you're there you might as well look around and half an hour and $50 lighter I walked out the door. Love that place. David wasn't that impressed with the gun shop but it was worth a look - if there are guns involved it's always worth a look. Sam's Club was ok and the main reason we went was we were in that direction but we'd have to go a couple more times before getting a membership - there really wasn't a price difference or better quality than BJ's and it's only worth it if we're out in that direction.  Sometimes you get dazzled by all that bulk food so you need to step back and think about it. I played with my digital compass/GPS David bought me in the parking lot - I wandered around with it trying to see if it could locate the car while David packed the groceries in the car. He made some sort comment about some people Being No Help but I ignored that.  Im going to practice in the yard tomorrow. Borders was Borders - we went to a chain restaurant up there that we will never go to again - the staff was bizarre, the table sticky and there was the oddest odor pervading the place, I honestly can't put my finger on it. It was sort of a faint dirty sock smell I suppose - whatever, we ate fast safe food and then got the hell out of Dodge. David has been laughing all day about one of the staff, I refuse to discuss it. I also went to the chinese grocery, I've never been on a Saturday and I was the only one in the crowd that couldn't speak chinese. I waited on line with my basket and the girl let me ahead of everyone else - it's a neighborhood place and apparently your basket waits on line while you wander around the store with your friends and family, flinging things in your basket and chatting up everyone you haven't seen in a year. Since I had no one to talk to and was the only person actually standing on line (it was me and a line of baskets really) I went ahead and I was out. The rest of the day passed nicely, I watched Hallowed Ground in which the local townspeople were apparently ok with scarecrows animating with the returned Evil Souls and nailing tourists to giant crosses so they corn would grow well. The crows of course were busy popping eyeballs left and right, your usual small town. I started the pumpkin hat but we'll see - I'm having a little problem with gauge so it will most likely be restarted several times. Sigh, whatt else is new.

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Sinéad said...

Love the hat! Good job getting the pumpkin hat for free, and of course you had to buy yarn too. I look forward to seeing pictures of it all!

That restaurant sounds icky. I hate places like that with sticky tables & funny smells. Ew.