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Monday, August 30, 2010

Heat Wave, Shopping And Bears. We Really Do Have It All.

Here I was crowing about the end of summer, the Turning Of The Leaves, Fall Is In The Air and WHACK - you could fry an egg in just about any area of your choosing. It didn't just warm up it's wildly hot  - I BBQed for dinner  and had to sit far away, it was like a furnace. Vincent the cat couldn't trot fast enough into the house and parked himself on the end of the bed hoping I would turn on the crappy air conditioner.  When it's really hot you have to turn it on high for it to weakly waver some cold air in your general direction - but you take what you can get in these situations and Vincent just wanted it ON.  Work was good today and on the way back from a client's house I stopped at  a farm stand for the first apples of the season. I bought the last tomatoes of the season and some very nice fat peaches - you can't beat the apples around here though, really. I also bought a new humming bird feeder for David. We'd bought one earlier this season but it just slowly leaked everything out over night so we stopped using it as not to make the hummingbirds mad and vengeful.  The other day we had a little bit of excitement as Pearl decided not only were deer not allowed in the yard, bears are also excluded. I'm not kidding. I thought she was chasing deer again - I let her do that because I hate the deer all the time.  They are nature's jerks if you ask me - however, it wasn't them. Pearl was barking and running around so I went out to yell at her and then I saw a black bear dodging around with Miss Behave hot on his furry heels. Then I did YELL as I wasn't sure what would happen when the bear realized he was being pursued by a 50 lb dog who probably wasn't quite as tough as she was putting on. He left and Pearl came back thinking she was all that and a bag of chips. David had suggested I should have hit the electric collar but I didn't see the point in disabling the dog and giving the bear a free hit. So we are bear-free today but I don't think I'll let her do that again, I'm well aware that could have ended VERY badly

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