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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ACK! Who Turned On The Heat?

 We are rather charmingly, holed up in the bedroom with the air conditioner - the temps have soared into the mid-nineties so going outside will bake your butt! It's not too bad if you head down towards the trees and it is not as hot as town, so there is that. But summer is one of those oddities, you wait and wait for it to get here, the temps tease you endlessly and then WHAM you can't find your shorts quick enough. The house is being inspected tomorrow so David is dithering around and making everyone crazy - you can wind him up with a blink of an eye at this point. This morning he started in with Where Did That Stain In Front Of The Bathroom Door come from - I was on a different floor so I was rather hard pressed to answer that one.  I came up to investigate - it was not a leaking pipe or backup (the way he was carrying on I figured the ceiling would be buckling at any moment.......) - it seems someone needs to be a bit more careful while walking around with his coffee in the morning. After the stain was ID'd a little Resolve and a sponge and we could move on. Worst case scenario is the house will be rented for awhile - we're pretty jaded after our experience with The Freeloader - as far we know she took our money and is now cheating some other poor bastard with her sob stories, ratty children and of course "the fiancee" (also known as Who I'm Sleeping With This Week) - yes I still harbor a grudge, thank you for asking. But we learned our lesson and are smarter now - I can't imagine she'll ever amount to anything so we'll move it along. I'm this far from finishing the front part of the sweater, I'm starting the neck tonight and then the sleeves. Not sure what I'll be making next but I'll be using my new swanky yarn, you can be sure of that. And yes I did post a picture of our soon to be home - I can't stop looking at it!

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