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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Run Away! Run Away!

We're getting down to it this morning - whatever we don't pack will be given away, whatever isn't given away will be thrown away. My closet holds enough clothes to get me through the week, we have enough food to make it  too. There are a few loose ends here and there, a few unexpected surprises like the fact that cable is coming Thursday MORNING not the afternoon and all the electronics need to front and center. So no one will be attending the closing now. David and Pearl will be slinging their way down Wednesday afternoon after the walk through and I will be following either that night or early the next morning, cats in tow. I've decided to join Weight Watchers after we are in the new house, I bought the cookbook yesterday but realized it was useless since I was perusing it while I snarfed down Ring Dings. David and I are trying desperately not to break the house, we are experts at that. We see something we think needs sprucing up and the next thing you know we have a major disaster on our hands. We did go out yesterday to Bethlehem in the morning just to do a few things and get away from it all, we did the yarn shop, Asian market, Wegmans ( we can't remember if there is a Wegmans near our new house so we stocked up on the stuff you can only get there). We went out to lunch - the people at the table behind us  had a Continuously Shrieking Child - of course they couldn't take it outside for a few minutes to calm down - they had to sit there and let us all enjoy the screaming. It did finally calm down - and then that moron who barely passed for a parent  thought he wasn't behaving and decided to discipline him! So back we went to the screaming ( I felt like turning around and giving HER a whack), sigh here. The waitress came back to get our plates and I asked for the bill. Now. She asked if we wanted dessert and one look at my face stopped that line of inquiry and the bill was on the table two seconds later. And yes I know children cry - my two certainly had their moments, but when they did that either David or I would take the offender outside and let them walk it off, then come back in when they could behave. It got the message across that we don't act like that in public and we didn't subject an entire room to our child.  I cannot stand a parent that will sit there expecting everyone to understand while their out of control child screams and carries on. A couple of minutes is understandable - this child shrieked, yelled, cried and whined for over 45 minutes while they just sat there - I was embarrassed for them. Arrgh. In other news I  am finally almost half way done with the sleeve for the sweater, then it' just one more sleeve, the collar and it's done. I might visit the yarn shop in Honesdale tomorrow - I will miss that place.

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