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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday

 We have reached that point. David is currently back in WV with yet another load - the house is down to things we need to exist and just enough food to get by. David took a bag of stuff from the freezer too to transfer the fridge down there.  So the dog and I are just lazing the day away, I am outside reading, inside knitting. We had an two days of horrible drenching rain again - it comes down in buckets and torrents, sheets and so forth. It is so tiresome. I'm running out of things to do - well, interesting things to do. Stress of course is interesting, but loses it's novelty after awhile. And of course most of my yarn, all of my books, etc are stored in the WV house - shopping also has lost it's fun because anything I buy has to be packed and transported so it's pick it up, put it down. I did more packing yesterday, continued cleaning - scrubbed the fridge, mopped the floors. The closets are getting empty and I'm this close to living out a box. Tomorrow it starts in again with work and running - bank will be open, real estate will need answers,  off we go.  I cleaned up the yard some more today and did massive weed whacking - I love my weed whacker. It's such a fun gadget  with everything flying and being decimated - you feel like the Queen Of Destruction when you wield it, but this one is an electric one so my Path Of Desecration has a limited area.  Pearl is a pest because she does not like it (she would be a TERRIBLE Evil Minion, she flees at the first hint of trouble and will not come back for love or money. How embarrassing would that be when you're trying to vanquish your Arch Enemy and your minion is off, quivering under the bed. But I digress). so I have to leave the door open so she can go hide in the house until I unplug it.  I'm starting to tie up loose ends at work, saying good bye to my clients and their parents, they're interviewing for my position but I doubt it will take long to fill it. I straightened up my car today and only have one box of supplies to return, not bad. I'll start emptying my desk this week too - unbelievable that it's come up so fast! Like anything else you think you have all this time........ and it's gone in a blink.

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Sinéad said...

Sounds like you're almost there. not long now!