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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get A Move On

It's funny how no matter how much you look forward to something, there are always things that you will miss - even though you didn't think you would. When I was talking with someone about our imminent move they said all those memories - but we've only lived in this house for a year and a half so what memories? On the way home I was musing this - I had plenty of time since the Poe-Leese were sneaky pete hiding on 402 and I had to be all law-abiding - and there are things I will miss. I'll miss The Gentle Arts yarn shop in Honesdale and the owner Jan. When I'm in that area I always stop in - partly because the yarn is to die for and also to see the owner. She's someone that, if I lived closer, I would have definitely cultivated as a friend. She's one of those people you meet in life and when you go, you sort of feel like you missed the boat somehow - she's certainly someone who would never be less than interesting. I picked up that much talked about 3rd skein of yarn so I'll have more than enough to make a shawl - it's so lovely and perfect, isn't it? She also carries Knitpicks products so I got a couple more needles for my interchangeable  circular set. David and I are packing it up, we will hopefully be selling the house before we go, but if not we'll figure something out. We have traveled this road before, we know where turns and spills are - we hope. I'm hoping for no more surprises - I'll be starting back at Interim in August, doing the same thing I'm doing now but I'll be working with children and adults which will be a fun thing. I'll miss my current office a great deal, Bayada has been good to me.  I've started saying good bye to my clients and their aides, their nurses. The house is already starting to get that echo feeling, your voice booms in the kitchen. We're trying not to buy anymore food and to eat what we have - since David is going to be making a few trips he'll bring half the contents of the freezer down with him on his next trip. As much as I will miss some things here, I cannot wait to get back home.

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