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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello, hello hello............

 David has spent the day packing, so the house has developed that funny church-like echo effect. You speak in the kitchen in very low tones or it sounds like your talking through a bull horn. He's left most of the living room furniture, part of the entertainment system, more to do tomorrow. Then he's back to WV and our friend Tommy will be meeting him at the house to help unload. Then back up here for another round. We have so much to do, not a break in sight - we resume packing this weekend and  giving the house a final clean before the walk through, unless that falls through then it will be getting ready for renters. Work has been hilariously miserable - it's like every crazy situation has come to roost this past week, running does no good as they gave me a phone to be called on. David just yelled up the stairs that all the tests came back fine - septic, insect, radon - all passed. We also got confirmation that we will indeed have health insurance, the Underwriters God has smiled upon us mere mortals once again. Heard from Jackson, he's doing well despite the heat. He's made a few friends to hang around with and has discovered the local watering hole where you can order a sandwich and a beer.
So not much going on, plenty going on depending on your point of view. I started working on the sleeve of my blue sweater, I've hit the boring part of the work as it's the same pattern as the rest and after completing the front, then the back - it gets a bit wearisome. But i will soldier on so that way I can move on to other things.

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Sinéad said...

The packing part is the worst bit about moving, isn't it? You end up living out of a box for a while. But, it'll be worth it once you get settled in your lovely new home. Glad you got the insurance sorted!