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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wagons Ho!

 We were up well before dawn, I was told if I asked what we were going to do with the old mattress one more time my life was in danger and that was that. David finished packing out the truck and the U-haul trailer, I mopped and so forth and then off to work, David left with Pearl riding shotgun - a little anxious to get going. I headed off for my last day at work, tied up loose ends, updates, summaries. It was so hard saying goodbye to all my clients and their parents, the aides and the nurses. The office did a cake and gift certificate - not to mention a picture of the Creepy Baby - it's an office joke. It was difficult, the office is a lot of fun and everyone gets along - I'm really going to miss everyone a great deal.  It's hard to find a place to work that you enjoy. . So now - I wait. All the furniture is gone - I have a TV, blow up mattress, my laptop and ereader - and of course my knitting bag. I'm trying to convince Vincent not to prickle the blow up mattress with his claws - we'll all be sleeping on the floor!  I made my last visit out to see Jan at The Gentle Arts in Honesdale - I will miss her so! She gave me a lovely tee shirt as a going away present and a big hug. I bought the last of what I needed and that was it. Its very weird here and echos all over, I will be packing and off with the two cats in tow in the am. I called David who cut me short - fink. He's having dinner at the neighbor's house tonight,  he was quite delighted to be invited for a hot meal and company. So we're off to a good start, I've taken some time off this time around so I can make a quick trip to Long Island and then back to get settled in and acquainted with the neighbors. I'm so excited that I will NOT be missing the Buckwheat Festival again (although I did miss the Sheep and Wool Festival in Waynesburg not fair!) - but I wanted to take the time to really enjoy it this time around - to be able to explore around, go out to dinner with Binky, all that jazz. Off to bed early - I have lots to do tomorrow!

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