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Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Weeks And Counting

 We really do have just a couple more weeks left in this house - that's it. It's compounded by the fact I only have the weekends to do the packing and final cleaning - a little bit of stress there. David will be hauling down the lion's share in the next week or so -the we'll be hanging out on the floor and trying to figure out what kinds of meals can be prepared with an 10 inch frying pan and a small pot. But it's all good of course. We have not gotten the appraisal or inspection results and most likely won't until next week - then we'll know if we're sellers or landlords. They left a Mystery Box downstairs to test the radon, we are supposed to keep the doors shut and no touching! Of course Claw The Antagonist was patting it with a nasty little cat paw this morning, such a trouble maker. I'm exhausted, hit the point of work where you just want to be done with it, a wall flower at a the prom. I'll miss my job and my co-workers, it's a great office and a great company to work for. But I'm going back to my old office and old friends so I guess it's an even trade off. Jackson has called a couple of nights running, he claims he's bored but I think he's just getting antsy, like us ready to move on. Not much else happening, the heat went down a bit - thankfully! so we are not just sitting around sweating in our underpants. I'm glad to have my ereader these days since all my books are down in WV already. I cringe at what the lawn must look like! But I am starting to get very excited, aren't you?

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Sinéad said...

Moving is so stressful, but isn't it exciting too? All the planning of where things will be put, and decorating!