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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rolling Along

 I'm just posting random pictures that I happen to like - a little eclectic I suppose. Cats, dogs, outhouses, grave end to my madness. David is busy trying to get us health insurance - since I'm going back to my old company we have to self insure for  a few months, how annoying. If you've never bought health insurance on your own you have no idea what a huge pain in the ass it is .  First David called, then filled out an application on line, then they called to discuss it, then back to online. They then announce it will have to go to The Underwriters and this is proclaimed in reverent tones. I imagine the underwriters are troll like creatures milling around the basement. When they receive your information, they dance a bit and then toss and read the chicken bones, then send their Evil Minions back up to call you and ask 45 more questions about the hysterectomy you had back in 99. They ask you very silly questions after making 110% sure you had a hysterectomy  by asking 14 or 15 hysterectomy related questions in an effort to trip you up - after asking a bunch of sneaky pete ovary related questions the Evil Minion  then  asked  are you peri-menopausal or post-menopausal - I vollied back I would need a uterus to be able to answer that question. And we've already established I don't have one.  I could feel his wee little brain mulling over that one and we moved on as there was no possible way to ask that question in a different manner. Then he was done and announced he was heading back to the Underwriters and I would Hear From Them Soon.  So here I wait for a yea or nay in that direction. If it is a nay then we'll have to COBRA which is a hateful thing, twice the cost and half the coverage.  David rented a U-Haul trailer today and he's taking most of our stuff down so we can finish off the house up here. We passed the inspection, haven't heard the appraisal and are still awaiting the Radon Testing which is something everyone worries about and no knows what it is or what it does. It's supposedly some sort of gas that leeches out of the rocks and if you have a certain amount of radon free floating around you need to get this swanky pump system that will pump the radon gas out and it will drift over and get the neighbors you don't like. Are you taking notes Donna? I'm not sure what the Radon Gas does, maybe it turns you into an Underwriter. But things are moving along, all of our possessions are flowing downstairs and collecting in the last room downstairs. The guest room is dismantled, most of the pots are packed. We don't have a closing date yet so that sort of drifts in the air, lala. lala. Vincent the cat seems to be noticing something is up, I bought a barrier for my car so the cats can ride free in the back, it's too hot to stuff them into carriers for such a long trip. I am getting so tired of waiting.

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Sinéad said...

You made me laugh with your description of The Underwriters, my husband is an underwriter! Although not for health insurance. Hmm, maybe I'll get him some chicken bones for Fathers Day!