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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here We Go!

 I slept fairly well last night - except for Vincent The Purring Thing. He purrs for every occasion -sometimes the mere sight of you is enough to get him going. I think he was nervous so he kept snuggling and purring, me and Vincent on the blow up mattress. David called earlier to let me know that the couches we debated on and decided to keep, then he hauled all the way to WV will not fit through the 1930 doorways of our home. So he will now be hauling them down to Bubba Garage in an effort to get rid of them and we will be shopping for new furniture as soon as we get the chance. I am taking a break from shuffling everything down the stairs, you would think it was all mostly gone but when you put it in a pile it's awful - I despair just looking at it - and the cats will be occupying most of the back. The walk through is today at 3pm, then the closing is at 4, we will be glad to shut the door on this adventure. I'll be down there for a week then  will head up to LI for awhile, then back down the finish the house, then off to work. I'm glad I decided to a little more time off this time so I can devote my attention to the house and then will be able to go to work without feeling like I'm under the gun every day. I suppose I should get moving - this stuff isn't going to pack itself!

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