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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Away We Go

 On Thursday I had my first official "solo" day at work - did not go as I had envisioned it. Yes, I have a few years under my belt as a visit nurse, I have infusion experience and am pretty proficient with wound care. But I've been out of the field for over 3 years and throw in an unfamiliar computer program we have issues. We'd discussed my having 3 - or 4 - simple visits in town. Try 6, two of which were lab draws (two trips to the lab on top of the visits) and one of the patients was a 60 mile round trip. AND I didn't get my supplies until that morning so it was after 10 when I hauled ass out of there. The day went as expected with my heart in my throat and  my foot pressed firmly on the gas pedal, at one point I was flying down Grafton road at 80 mph while pecking helplessly at my tablet trying to get out of a visit with a truck crawling up my tailpipe. Yes I am poster child for wearing your seat belts, thank you for asking. But I made it through, everyone got seen and I was home before cows. First days always suck no matter what you do, you just have to tough it out. The next day I had 7 visits but two were no-gos, the other five really were in town and I was better organized. By the second patient I was happily packing a wound and discussing various types of polka music, I actually got to eat (some) of my lunch which I did in the parking lot of the yarn shop which was on the way to the last patient.Multi tasking one might say. I know it will be picking up as I go along but I have handle(I hope) on the computer I'm using and will be better able to plot out my patients. As you can see from the picture the shawl is really moving along, the border is about 2/3's done but it's slow going. The border is knit back and forth so each stitch on the edge actually has 6 stitches up and down. There are 7 sections of 32 stitches times 6, you can see why it's taking so long. I'm still working on my garden, if the weather continues in the 50's I'm going to start planting next week, I have my peat pots upstairs and one of them is sprouting. The bad thing of course is I didn't mark what's in them so it's a surprise as usual. Tomorrow we're not doing much, I bought some candy and we'll be going out for Easter. Not much else. I'm hoping it warms up soon - there's still some snow left to melt but according to the news tomorrow is the one of the last cold days predicted before we warm up for spring - I certainly hope so!

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