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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jesus Said.

I figured since it was Sunday this would be an appropriate subject. I have Huffington Post on my news feed and this morning's article was about "Christians" taking the lord's name in vain by making statements as to how Jesus and god felt about current topics. I've tangled with more than one christian on face book and as far as I can tell if god and Jesus did exist they would pretty much hate everyone. According to his followers they hates gay people, do not feel a woman has any rights to her body or her life for that matter. Has no problems killing children but will send a woman (but not a man advocating ) to hell for having an abortion. That a rapist can be forgiven and go to heaven but a woman that has an abortion will go straight to hell - do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. That a priest can spend his career raping and destroying the people he was supposed to protect and lead, yet all he has to do is be truly sorry in his heart and the slate is wiped clean - repeat as needed.  There is no respect for any other religion and according to christian dogma Gandhi, Buddha and Keanu Reeves will all be doing bench time in the fiery depths. That birth control is not allowed even if it means allowing a family to live above the poverty line and survive. I followed a thread by a young woman asking for help as she was pregnant again and the father was not assisting. Everyone was sending her prayers and advising her against having an abortion - not once did anyone suggest getting a lawyer and making sure the father took responsibility. Am I wrong here to be a bit flabbergasted? That this god just seems to be an angry deity  - that the "rules" seem to be directed more at women than men? And the rules themselves - it seems like they WANT to send everyone to hell. Any christian I've ever debated with loves to swing that one at me, the second I disagree I'm designated to the hand basket, ready for my descent to join my sinning brethren. I have to say I enjoy being a non christian, my religious beliefs are a mix I suppose, but I like to believe that the things I do, the mistakes that I make and try to correct will lead me  on a better path.

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