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Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Jackson's new wife Brandi works for a cruise line - Flagship Cruises -and they do cruises around San Diego Harbor. She saved up her tickets and took us all on a cruise. It was so fun - it's a two hour cruise around the harbor and you see the navy yard, seals, and the shoreline while you eat at a buffet. We were so touched that Brandi thought of us and it was one of the highlights of my trip. They had live music and her boss must be quite fond of her as they went out of their way to make sure we all had a good time. After eating we went out to stand on the decks when we went past the seals. They were so cute laying on docks and just hanging out. It was windy of course so we went back in and had dessert. After the cruise we transferred my suitcase to their car, Janet and Diane were taking off for their next hotel as they were staying a couple more days. Brandi and Jackson took me to the mall which was OK - but then we headed to a yarn shop (Squee!!) You know it! I didn't get much but added it to my list of shops I've visited. After that we went to Loma which is a beach community. The houses are not the rich and famous type, they're more little bungalows squeezed together but Brandi assured me they were very expensive. We shopped on the downtown part, it was all sorts of kitschy places, you name it, they have it. My flight was not leaving until 7:45 but I asked them to drop me off, it was getting near 5 and I figured I could have dinner while I waited. Thank goodness I got there early! The guy at the check in out side took one look at my ticket and sent me inside, he said there was some problem with my flight. It turned out to be some sort of either weather or mechanical issue but since I was early they just put me on the 6:15 - I got there about 15 minutes before they started boarding. Whew! I had to hang around San Francisco for an extra hour but it was better than missing my connecting flight. When I got there my phone was starting to die so I started hunting for an outlet which is a popular pastime in airports these days. There were people on the floor along the hall, along walls, outside the bathroom doors where the outlets are for cleaning equipment. I managed to snag a good seat by a column with an open plug, the other one already occupied. There was a bunch of outlets across the way which was taken over by a group of teenagers bent over iPhone and ipads. When we got on the plane it was very light - I had an entire row of seats to myself and after we were all there the flight staff told everyone we could sit where we wanted to. I guess a lot of people missed the flight because of the cancellation. I've never flown an overnight but would do it again, I didn't sleep much. David picked me up and got me home - straight to bed for me for a five hour nap. And that concludes my trip!

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