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Sunday, March 31, 2013

That's Shawl Folks!

 I love making this particular shawl - it's called Girasole and the pattern is from one of Jared Floods. But the border is a killer - when you get to the end you just want to cycle around once or twice, bind off and be done with it. This border actually goes across  and is grafted on with live stitches so each stitch - all six hundred and eighty of them - have six stitches back and forth. Do the math - it's enough to make even the strongest of us weep. But I knit through countless episodes of Archer and South Park and finished up this afternoon. I went in search of my blocking pins while soaking the shawl for blocking - I finally found them and while juggling the shawl and pin box while trying to get the door to the cellar open Reuben gave me a bump and sent the pins flying. Sigh. Blocking pins are like jacked up straight pins, they're longer, thinner and sharper, a bit more evil I suppose. I made sure I got them all collected up and  down the cellar I went, my posse dorking around behind me. I've blocked out the last couple of shawls downstairs since Adam occupies the guest room - we have a nice futon that's perfect when I lay it flat and there's the added bonus of the dogs being shut out thereby cutting out any potential hi jinks. Blocking is a bit tedious of course, you pull one side tight and the other side pops off, you pull that the the first side takes it's turn to pop. It's an Arrgh fest at times. But I finally got it stretched out and it will be dry in a day or two. My next project is socks! and I'm going to attempt the magic loop method for the first time. I'll let you know. In other news Easter went well. I had chocolate bunny ears for breakfast and chased it down with Peeps. We went out to dinner at the Boston Beanery - Adam came too so that was fun to have another person with us. I had a mango Margarita which is sort of like liquid Peeps with a tequila chaser. Whoo Hoo one might say. It's back to work tomorrow, that's the problem with a holiday on Sunday, it seems like the weekend just flew by.

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