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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catching Up!

 Wow - it's been a busy couple of weeks, hasn't it? Where do I start? At the beginning of course. We left off with me going to the interview -went well and I got the job. That is a separate post since we're at the beginning. I left for San Diego on the 28th - the nice thing about an early flight is you get to the destination early, the bad part is having to be at the airport by 5 am. But I was and I did and got there by 11:30 - Janet and Di arrived a couple of minutes later and off we went to the hotel. It was BEAUTIFUL - rooftop pool overlooking the city. Jackson met us at the hotel since Janet and Di had gotten him and Brandi a room for one of their wedding gifts - then he darted off. We hit a bar first - Dick's Last Resort where we had giant mixed drinks consisting of large amounts of alcohol with tiny ingredients waved by the glasses. Jackson and Brandi were still busy so we hit the road and went to Bub's - another bar. Janet and Di both had beers with names they picked off a large menu, I stayed true to my hayseed roots - Bud in a bottle and no sissy lite beer for me. We had Not Good For You Bar Food too and by the time the second round had started the bride and groom arrived. Another drink and off to the Speghetti Factory where they make all sorts of not good for you pasta-related things. I had fried ravioli and I was done. big time. The wedding was at the court house the next day -and it was perfect - perfect weather, perfect tempeture, the day and Brandi could not have been more beautiful. If there are two people that are meant for each other, we got to see them. The ceremony was brief but lovely. We got to meet Brandi's mother Ruth (she looks just like her!), everyone's best friend and then Brandi's mother took us out for lunch. We headed back to the hotel to change and then just saw some sights, then back to the hotel.

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