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Friday, March 8, 2013


 The next day Janet, Diane and I took off for the Hollywood hills. As an early birthday present they gave me two tours, a trolley tour which was around town and then the big tour. I saw Mann's Chinese theater and the Dolby where they film the Oscars. I saw the walk of the stars and a lot of people dressed up as various characters. We had lunch at the mall which was fun, I had a goat cheese and black olive spread crepe AND an Orangina. I have never had an Orangina before and it was pretty swanky in case you're wondering. Anyhoo, after lunch it was off to the trolley tour. It was not a real trolley, it was really a bus that looked like one. Whatever. The tour guide was unforgettable - he was the most bitter, disillusioned, sarcastic tour guide I've ever seen. He was so bitter it was distracting - but in a funny way. Apparently everyone in Hollywood is a self indulgent, self absorbed ass that does whatever they want. This was peppered with some of the most nails on a chalkboard imitations I've ever heard - I think one person ventured a question and believe me, it didn't happen twice. We managed to get off the bus with our self esteems intact - it was actually pretty funny it was so inappropriate. The next tour was an open top short bus sort of affair, this tour guide was so into his job it was the polar opposite of the previous guide. Someone asked about the house where Halloween was filmed and it was oh what the hell and off we went in search of it. He took us everywhere, answering questions, helping out with star stalking - we did see Steven Tyler and yes I still love him. Diane cracked everyone up by excitedly shrieking "I see someone! I see someone!". When the driver asked who, she didn't know but was sure he was Somebody. He was not, but he certainly dressed like he was. This guide got tipped tons and it was a fun ride, up and down hills and peeking at all the fancy houses. The houses where real celebrities live are not visible, but I saw the front gates of Christine Aguilar, Ellen DeGeneres among others. When we got back we did a little looking but it was pretty crowded by then so we started heading back. Since it was later in the afternoon the traffic was awful - we crawled and crawled. We stopped at a Spanish restaurant to eat - that was really fun. My Margarita was great - it was coconut and something else, I had refried beans and all sorts of stuff. We finally arrived back to the hotel around 9pm, dragging our butts into the Omni. I was so tired!  I think my head hit the pillow and out I went!

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