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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring, Day 3 - Still Nothing.

 Well, it has gotten a tiny bit warmer and it stopped stinkin' snowing so I guess we have that. The news channel now has a new thing that they name winter storms, the last one I believe was "Virgil" - are you kidding?? I am naming the next one, it will be known as Shut The Hell Up, feel free to pass that along. I am currently and quite optimistically working on my garden. Today we went shopping in Clarksburg and David doesn't even ask, he just sighs and pulls into the parking lot of the yarn shop. Since my next endeavor will be two at a time socks I bought two size 2 cable needles - one was a 40 inch Sock Rocket from Addi. I hadn't even considered the magic loop technique but if I bought the 40 inch along with the 24 I would at least have that option. I digress. I bought some Jiffy peat pots, seeds and potting soil at Home Depot, this year I'm starting some of the plants from seedlings this year in an effort to grow more than zucchini, sunflowers and watermelons this year. I covered the shelf under the window in the knitting room - it's actually the half table I fell off of a few months ago and pancaked on and just for the record I have stayed off of it. I still have a scar on my shin from that fall, but since I didn't have a broken leg I am grateful for that little souvenir. I digress again. So the half table is full of seedlings, Molly and Reuben assisted by seeing if potting soil was tasty or not and darting up and down the stairs when they tired of that. After that we went outside since it's not too too cold and the sun is out - Reuben was being a Super Hooligan - he was so bad! He ran all over every one's back yard chasing birds and not listening. I did manage to get one more row pulled with my hoe but they're not straight by any means since I have to try and keep an eye on the dogs while I do it. Molly is better than Reuben behavior wise, she does wander but comes back much better. I finished as much as I desired and we headed for the house - Reuben took off and ran in the road, oh I could have bonked him. I took off after him with Molly on my heels and of course when I ran into the road so did she. Why the hell shouldn't she, after all me and Reuben were rambling around the street she might as well, I got everyone corralled and back in the house but David is going to have put up a section of fence to block that end off. Like I've said before we don't have a lot of cars come down this road, but because it's a straight away they tend to zoom down it. I am continuing on my shawl - I'm not even a quarter of the way done with the border, sigh sigh sigh. Like the winter, it will never end.

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Donna said...

Now you know why I only have one psycho dog at a time. Winter won't leave here, either. Even at its worst, winter can't keep me in the house. I WILL go outside and walk around, if only for a short while. The way this winter is going, I intend to be out skipping, dancing, and singing when the temperature is above 50.