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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On The Road Again.

I'm going back on the road tomorrow, I will be doing  a few visits on my own - and I'm actually excited about it. I have my android plugged in (the agency I'm with is paperless), I'll be getting my equipment tomorrow morning including an Inratio INR machine, a pulse ox and a lot of other stuff. I've been having fun with my co-workers and we had a pre- Easter breakfast this morning. This is going well so far. In weather news the snow melted pretty much but the flakes continue to fall her and there. The temps are supposed to stay in the 40's and then up to the 50's this weekend. I think we'll be going out to a restaurant for Easter, it's not a big to-do around here. A few peeps, a chocolate bunny and I'm ready to call it a day. I got my seedlings started and they're not doing too much , I water and peek but that's all the activity for now. I continue to make rows in my garden - about one a day so by the time I get ready to plant it will be ready. Molly and Reuben are enjoying the gardening, snorting and huffing down the rows. They saw their friend Black Jack this afternoon and spent about an hour racing around the yard and hanging out with him. Jim said he was trying to get Blackjack to stop pooping in our yard but I assured him that was not an issue since I'm pretty sure the hooligans have performed the Return Poops in an orderly fashion. I enjoy seeing them playing with their neighbor dog, they're all pretty cute. My shawl is about half a border away from being done. No, I have no idea what I'll be doing with it. Absolutely none. It's actually a very pretty silver color which is an unusual color. I've been reading up on the magic loop technique for my next pair of socks - I have a pattern in mind which is nice but not over complicated. One thing at at time!

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