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Monday, March 11, 2013


 We got our first offer on the house - we'll see, we'll see. Adam finally got his government stipend to go to college so he's breathing a little easier these days - good things come to those that wait. And if you're dealing with the government, you will certainly wait. I am 8 rows and a border away from being done with my shawl I'm making - that really didn't take that long, did it? David is still working and has a couple more jobs lined up. Jackson and Brandi are doing well. I started my new job today! - and it went very well. I like everyone in the office - though I'll be out on the road soon so it's not a permanent thing - but everyone has been very nice. At noon they all eat lunch together in the middle of the office and they break for about 10 minutes later in the day for coffee. It's really very pleasant. Seeing Tammy again has been great, I missed her and it is fun to see her, she's happy and has a wonderful group to work with. I'm looking forward to being a visit nurse again - and I get an Inratio of my very own! I also get my own tablet as they're completely paperless - I'm a little nervous but will get over it as soon as I get back on the road. Molly continues to do well and has gotten comfortable enough to misbehave! She sulks if you raise your voice - it's really quite cute. David has shot over her a few times and she is very gun shy. He'd like to get her past that, otherwise she'll be left home during hunting season but if she can't she will be my walking buddy. She's very funny about the bed, they're both up there when we get up in the morning while we drink coffee and watch TV. Rueben flops down on the end but Molly snuggles between us, head under the pillow and snoring greatly. She stays in bed even after everyone has gotten up and you've got to stand at the bottom of the stairs and call her to get her to come out.  I have taken up residence on the couch, where ever I sit Molly sits. She has to have some part of her leaning, laying touching me. Whatever - I wanted a dog to love and play with - as David would say, I asked for it!

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