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Monday, January 31, 2005

Room With A View

David's almost got the new room upstairs completed, he's down to odds and ends. I put up two of the old photos so you could see the big difference. We've decided eventually when we find the furniture it'll have a day bed in it and will be used as an extra family type room. The cats find it very intriguing and spend time investigating it, trying to act mysterious and so forth. The other morning when got up the water pressure was crap-o-la,  the shower was like a gentle drizzle.In the winter there are two things I hate to do without, water and heat - just the thought of it is miserable. But just as suddenly it started, the pressure returned much to my relief. When we went out later we discovered the reason was a large burst pipe down the road, of course I was without my camera! - the frozen waters flooding the woods and (eek!) someone's vacation home were quite spectacular. We're supposed to get some nice weather this weekend - I'll be working so I don't care. David heard on the weather it will be in the 40's and he's clutching to that particular weather report like it's Nostrudamas's predictions. Considering they change the report more often than Cher changes looks I'll be hiding when the fallout hits! I worked a twelve hour last night, from what I can tell they just offered 12 hour shifts to get more nurses to sign on so twice a week they try to think of things for me to do for 4 hours. Last night I got sent up to the 4th floor to help out and I don't mind it. It's actually fun to be the "helper", you don't have any true responsibility and everyone's happy to see you coming. Like other places I've worked no one seems to like to put in IV's so I did that - I enjoy it. I had a patient with dementia who asked if I minded if he called me "beautiful woman" - as far as I'm concerned when dealing with that population they can call me whatever they want as long as they don't whap me. Then he informed me his wife was MY SAME AGE, then just as cheerfully declared the aide passing by was his girlfriend and I was to keep an eye on her - amusing the aide to no end. The supervisor also stopped by to tell me I was taking a post op patient on ICU and during all this I was putting in the IV, sometimes I think being a nurse pushes the limits of multi-tasking. The last picture I posted was my new pink suede boots that I got for $14 - yes,they are a strange color but they're warm and waterproof so I guess I can put up with the color (they were originally $80).I'm sure the drastic drop in price had less to do with the quality and more to do with the strange color!

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