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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

A Lion In Winter

Actually, more like a Pansy In The Snow, but who wants to burst Vincent's bubble?? He accidently followed me outside this morning and then was back on the porch in about 3 minutes. He must be a Buddhist cat as he never once strayed from the path, haha. We got about a foot so far, I was out bright and early this morning digging my car and deck out. I'm glad I don't have to go to work til 11 tonight as by then everything will be plowed and salted. Jackson is still in bed, they got out early AGAIN yesterday - he was home by one and it didn't start snowing until at least four. He finally got his report on the black plague handed in - of course he waited til the last minute - my foot was out the door on the way to work would be about the time he decided to ask for any help. So I have no idea what it was he handed in, but hopefully something that will lead to him being a 10th grader. He's still liking his haircut, it was such a big change he said some of the kids thought he was a new student until he took his seat in class!

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