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Monday, March 7, 2005

Going Going Gone!

Since nobody wanted the poncho, I modeled it one more time and then it was bundled off to The Salvation Army where it will hopefully benefit someone legally blind. Actually, it doesn't look too bad in this picture, does it? Too bad, it's gone. Today the temps are in the high 50's, it's strange with all this snow on the ground (still over a foot) that spring is literally right around the corner. The locals have told me that snow can last all the way through April and the local weather channel has predicted the temps will be back in the 20's by tomorrow which will  freeze the place into a giant ice rink. I attempted to take a picture of our slush-pile yard but my camera is doing that Bad Thing again where it's just a black streaky blur. I'm hoping it will clear up again like it did the last 3 times but there has got to be a limit on recoveries somewhere. I bought a pooper-scooper at Petsmart today, our dogs have limited yard and it looks like there was a crap party there. They both seem to crap thier weight daily and with the snow it looks beyond horrid. Speaking of horrid, David took Charger to the vet this week as the bald spot on his ass has not improved at all. They did blood work as the vet thinks it may be a thyroid condition and we are waiting to hear back this week. My mom has said that low thyroid runs on her side, so I guess he takes after my side of the family. His buggy rolly eyes must come from Dave's!!

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