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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How Was Your Easter?

Ours was pretty good - the weather decided to go crazy for the weekend and be nice for a change so our friend Ray was able to come and spend the holiday with us. As planned we did the Easter dinner on Saturday, we ate at Chicago's which was fun. The 3rd picture is David's beer - he decided to be adventurous and order the Blue Moon which is a foreign beer. When it arrived at the table with a slice of orange on the side, not to mention it was a strange orang-y color itself it everyone pretty much agreed it should've stayed in it's own country. Ray considered it an affront to the beer world and Jackson thought it was a bit girly. And no one was surprised by the taste which was Awful. We went to Michael's after dinner, I DID get my 30% discount as planned - I bought more yarn of course.  We ended up at AC Moore's too as that's where Ray likes to get his picture frames. On Easter David and Ray went out to breakfast and I went out walking since the weather was still great, then we drove around so Ray could take pictures of barns, a hobby of his. I went to bed after lunch and they were gone when I got up. They ended up eating at the chinese buffet as most of the restaurants here are not open on the holidays which I find pretty odd. Work was stinky busy - which really sucked I might add. Ray left Monday morning after he and David did breakfast again, we were so glad he could make it out here though. I finally finished my latest sweater, I'll post a picture tomorrow and I'm busy scouting for my next project. I HAVE to stop buying yarn as I can't stuff another skein in my grandmother's dresser!! The last picture today is of the snow we had last week, since it's melted I thought it MIGHT be safe to post it!

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chicklettpa said...

I loved your pictures and comentarys on all the aspects of your life. Keep up the great work.
                                           Jo Ann