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Monday, March 21, 2005

Working At The Carwash...

You would think with all the rain we get lately we wouldn't have to go to the carwash but I suspect they use cinders here too so we spend at least once a week to clean the vehicles. Yesterday was our 23rd anniversary, I can't believe it's been that long! I was off for it but had worked the night before so we didnt' do too much but go out to dinner and then a little shopping after that. The weather has warmed up somewhat but still dips below freezing at least twice a day so we're constantly battling a thin layer of ice around the yard. I find it a bit more disconcerting because you can't see it until your sliding down the driveway. David has gotten a part time evening job at the gym here and starts tonight, just a couple nights a week. He still has the other jobs but has been unable to start them due to the weather and other people. The masons, electricians, etc here are a strange bunch - from what I understand this is a "depressed" area but try to get anyone to show up or even give an estimate! It seems to be quite commonplace that guys will show up and then disappear for months on end which can be quite maddening. Work continues to be work but has been more enjoyable surprisingly enough since I'm not working in the ICU anymore. They said they would orient me there when they had the help but since we're short on telemetry and basically working with a skeleton crew if we're lucky most nights (even the supervisors have been working staff lately) I doubt that will happen anytime soon. So I just roll along.

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