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Friday, March 11, 2005

Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up Put On a Happy Face

Hopefully soon! I'm at a strange stalling part of my life I think - this week was not good at all. My skills are not up to ICU standards so I'm back to PCU for now which was a personal blow (who ever wants to hear they're not good enough??)BUT I happen to like the telefloor and it's staff better so the whole thing is neither here nor there. I did tell the supervisor that maybe I'm just not ICU material and there's no crime in that. The vet called about Charger - all his blood work came back normal, she says she's doubts there's any mite problem so the whole upshot $130 later is simply I have a Bald Assed Spaniel, a rare and exotic breed. the vet suggested we retest in two or three months so I might just sign Charger up for Hair Club For Men and they can give him a little Butt Hairpiece. David and Jackson headed off for WV to visit friends this weekend, I'm off for a couple of days so I told them if they were ever going to do it now would be the time. Having the house to myself is so nice, it would be nicer if the hospital was not currently on the answering machine trying to get me to come in. I went out walking and will be taking the house apart tomorrow I think, I was thinking about a fire but the weather has warmed a bit so maybe not . David called to tell me it's snowing a bit there, he dropped Jackson off at Becky's house and is gettting ready to call his friend Keith so they're busy bees this weekend. They're there until Sunday and I don't go to work until Sunday 11pm so this whole thing works out well. I bought a new digital camera at Tar`get The French Store - I got a good deal on it. But it's currently in WV with the boys so you'll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for any new pictures. Until then I've got my feet up and my tv on!

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