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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring? What Spring?

I'm still refusing to take pictures of the snow we got that, thank goodness, is currently melting but not quick enough. Even Jackson cannot stand the sight of it. Some areas around here got over a foot and with the rapid melting everything is quickly turning to mud. I've been walking outside a lot, I go to the gym if it's nasty out but it's hard to justify being on a treadmill in a basement when the sun is shining outside. Not to mention the Equipement Vultures lurking about.  Jackson loves to go too, the picture I posted today is a horse farm  we walk to and stare at the horses who tend to stare back. Jackson would dearly love to own a horse and talks about it constantly lately. I'm off for today and then am scheduled to work a 12 hour shift for Easter but Ray will be out this weekend and I'm glad. We're doing dinner tonight and then Easter brunch tomorrow -they can do whatever for dinner. I'm almost done with my latest sweater and am already scoping out my next project. I'm also plotting to go to Michael's tonight after dinner as I have a coupon for 30% off my entire purchase between 6 and 9pm. I told David if we go out to dinner around 4:30, we should be done in time for me to use my coupon!! David said he's getting a little tired of planning his life around coupons to Michaels. That would be Too Bad For Him.

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all4eyez said...

~ i really like these pics myself ~
very pretty