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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yes, I know that it's a different last name, but how many Julia E's are there? I have not taken any pictures of the eight inches of snow we got last night because quite frankly, I have seen enough snow. It started a few hours before I left for work and even with leaving early, I just barely made it. The road outside of our development was a mess  to put it lightly, there were cars stuck all over the side of the road both sides and a big yellow school bus sitting sideways across the lane. The woman in front of me slide a bit foward and then gracefully back to the side of the road. Jackson got the day off today and he was a bit cross about it since today was supposed to be a half day. He's afraid they'll tack on one more day to the end of the year which is what they do here, we've heard one year they were attending during the summer so the seniors could graduate. We don't have much in the works for Easter, the weather might be too bad for Ray to come out and I'm working a 7 - 7 that day so we'll probably do our easter dinner thing on Saturday.

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