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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Just Another Day In The Neighborhood

David is taking a CPR Course today at the Episcipalian Church. In true David fashion he got the times wrong and showed up for services this morning. The Reverend invited him to stay, but David declined as he had planned on learning how to save lives, not be saved. He went back at 1pm which would be the correct time, forgetting about the guy who's coming to look at the boat he's selling this afternoon. So guess who's showing the boat - just how I wanted to spend my day off. Work has been aggravating lately, I'm not taking ACLS until June which I'm very unhappy about - the nursing supervisor screwed up my schedule and with us being short right now there was no way she could even let me off for one night. So I am pissed. The weather has warmed up a bit today and  all this snow is starting to melt, I can hear the ice sliding off the roof  - I guess walking next to the house today is not the best idea. Adam wrote and he's out at sea and will be for at least another month if not more. This isn't sitting well with the new girlfriend but there's not much he can do about it. Oh, well, I hope that boat guy gets here soon.

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