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Friday, March 4, 2005

Still Looking Good!

Not much going on in my world this week. I finally finished the poncho I was making and am not overly thrilled with the results, especially with all the work I put into it. I think the yarn I used was too thick so instead of looking like a very sophisticated garment suitable for city wear, it sort of looks more like, well, a horse blanket. A VERY ATTRACTIVE HORSE BLANKET, I'll post a picture of it and feel free to contact me if anyone wants it,but I think it will be ix-naying to the local Goodwill so someone less fortunate can look like a fat toad. Of course after having made that last statement the chances of anyone requesting it are probably pretty slim.The snow is still here, all 14 inches or so. It snows a bit each day and I think the difference here is it NEVER melts. So inbetween working shifts I shovel. Jackson had his first full day of school in the past few weeks, every day he either has a delay, gets out early or they just cancel it entirely. The delays are still considered a full day - what they do here is just shorten up all the classes so they get a full day in. Speaking of which - it time to wake the student!

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