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Monday, April 4, 2005


Can you believe rain mixed with SNOW?? Jackson was going nuts yesterday, he cannot take another snowstorm and I dont think I can either! Good thing it didn't last long. With all the rain the cats are quite bored and have been picking on each other nonstop for two days now.  The flooding around here has been pretty bad, the outlying areas are all closed due to the rivers flooding. Here it's not too bad and the water levels seem to be receding. David's spending another morning on the phone, it's constant phone tag with the RE, the bank, etc... at this point. He got roped into going to Motecello on Saturday with Roman and Nadia, they go every week to play the slot machines. David lost $10 and then was instantly bored. He said Roman isn't too crazy about the whole thing - he's always trying to get David to go so he has someone to talk to - but Nadia is quite taken and was pretty annoyed at having to leave after only 3 hours.  She told David he broke her heart by making them leave so early - David didn't care he just wanted to get out of there. The temp this morning is still pretty cold but it's supposed to go into the 60's by Wednesday - that's going to make us happy!

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