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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

We're moving where??

Things have been quite busy lately. Mom and Grandpa Carter came a-calling on Thursday. I had to work so I was sleeping and David being helpful as usual, stopped home to lock them out and then left. Mom had a bit of a time getting Grandpa up to the house, I promised Grandpa that our house in WV is on FLAT land. The weather didn't co-operate so there's not a whole lot of pictures (and the ones I have are in WV on the camera with David) but we did have a nice visit and even managed to get out to the chinese buffet. While they were here the RE was in and out as usual - we did get another offer but I don't think it'll pan out. The woman wants the house re-roofed which isn't a problem, but she wants to wait until the end of July to close which IS a problem. Her RE says that she has a piece of property she wants to sell first so she won't have to take a mortgage and he says the deal isn't contingent on it, but we're afraid if she can't sell the property she can (easily) wiggle out of the deal and we'll have missed the big selling season. Our RE agent was re-writing the contract so she couldn't wiggle out - at least not as easily -  and she would be paying for the roofing materials prior to closing - we haven't heard a peep since. So we soldier on. David returned to WV yesterday with a large portion of our belongings and Copper in tow for company. The house here is starting to get that lonely echo to it, even though we didn't have a good time here it's still a bit hard to leave what you know. Work continues to be a stressor - they snuck an extra day in at the end of the schedule and I protested and the nursing supervisor is mad about that. We're looking at the situation from opposite ends, she's viewing it as I'm  leaving so why can't I work the extra shift (and of course it's a 12 hour, not an 8) and I'm  looking at it that I am leaving and going straight home to pack and deal with the RE, why do I have to work an extra shift?? Why do they always have to make leaving so ugly?? I shaved Charger yesterday and got pounds of hair off him, I need to tidy him up a bit but overall, didn't do too bad of a job. The people at Walker Carpet came on Saturday, what a pain in the butt they were. David called them repeatedly and they never showed up so he got ahold of the owner. What a piece of work she was - told David first that someone would be here "maybe" to look at the stains between 11am and 5pm and when he got mad about having to sit around all day she claimed the installer told her WE were responsible for the stains - that we were probably walking through leaves and made them. I have to say that didn't have much of a calming effect. David pointed out the entry is tile, he'd called about the carpet the morning after it had been installed and WE HAVE NO LEAVES. The guy came on Saturday and it took him about an hour and a half to remove the "leaf stains", one of which mysteriously looked like a water stain, who knows, maybe we were standing in puddles. All in a day's work I suppose.

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