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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Looking Skyward...

...and it's starting to feel like we're about to step off the edge today. David's in WV, the closing's at 4pm, he and Christy (our RE agent and friend) did the walk through around 9 am after breakfast. Christy is hilarious, everytime she calls we get at least half an hour of what everyone is doing in WV and have to gossip back about what we're doing and she never says hello when you pick up the phone, just hollers your name and gets right into it. At the same time the real estate called here this afternoon to let me know we got our first offer, lower than expected so I halved the difference as per Harry and that will be the counter offer. I did try to discuss it it with David but true to form he took the cell phone and didn't leave the number, is not at the motel, took the roladex with him (!!!) AND snagged the list of numbers I'd left for myself off the table effectively making sure once again I have absolutely no way to get in contact with him. I told Harry he didn't have to worry about David's opinion on the whole thing because I was going to murder him when he got home and bury him in the backyard. He's such an ass sometimes. Jackson didn't get up for school today, he was playing with the new alarm clock I bought him and somehow unset the alarms so I got home from work, he jumped in the car and I drove him to school - I don't think he was even late. We have another set of looky-loos this afternoon so there goes my day off. Sigh. This has to end sometime!!

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