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Friday, April 1, 2005

Heading For The Hills

Ok. I admit it. There has been ALOT going on lately. Last month, after having lived here for almost a year - and yes, it has been that long - we are still very unhappy. So we've decided to try to pack up our toys once again and go back to West Virginia, where we should've never left in the first place. We put the house on the market a week and a half ago (we're already tired of that, there's been over a dozen couples through here already and Harry said it hasn't even picked up yet!) and we are under contract for a house in West Virginia with a tentative closing date the middle to end of April. This is the house---> which is about 7 miles outstide of Morgantown and sits on almost 6 acres. It was a former horse farm (with a barn to prove it) so once we get settled and financially stable again we can have a horse! Things are still up in the air right now, this deal may fall through, but we're hoping to be out of here by June. Jackson is counting the days as are we . Things here just haven't worked out and quite frankly, sending Jackson to that high School again, I would much rather not. Although he has made some friends and enjoys metal shop, the drugs and the fighting in that school are beyond belief and that's one of the reasons we want out of here. So until everything is finalized, we are holding our breath and crossing our fingers!!

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cneinhorn said...

wow, great photo....goodl uck with the move..and congratulations on the editors pick spot this week!